Wellon Pandora JULL PCC Box, In Stock

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Wellon Pandora JULL PCC Box, In Stock

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$17.89 Wellon Pandora JULL PCC Box

Pandora JULL PCC Box come with 1000mAh internal battery. It can hold a JULL battery and 4 Juul pods in a pocket size and charge your Jull fully in 45 minutes. It is not using common key lock or magnet lock. It is installed fingerprints lock which can record 40 sets fingermarks without connect with Phone, WiFi or Bluetooth. Any unauthorized users cannot open your Pandora case. And the Zinc Alloy & ABS material makes its form feeling high-end. It is still small and exquisite. Just get it to your Wellon Pandora JULL PCC Kit. Available in 2 colros: Black and Silver.

1. 1000mAh battery built-in battery,
2. 4 PCC Pods position
3. Unlock without using WIFI or Bluetooth
4. Recharge in 1 hour and charge a Jull in 45 mins
5. Made of Zinc Alloy and ABS material



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