$17.96--THC Tauren RTA

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$17.96--THC Tauren RTA

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$17.96--THC Tauren RTA
Coupon code: TaurenT

The THC Tauren RTA Atomizer is a rebuildable tank atomizer with 2ml capacity (4.5ml with an extra PC bubble tube) and 24mm diameter which is constructed from 304SS. It has the unique 26 micro hexagonal Honey Comb air holes on two sides, which brings you delicate flavor and intense throat hit. It features hexagonal honeycomb airflow system. Moreover, with the convenient top filling design and the innovative knurling design for easy screw-out, it will bring you intense flavor and massive clouds. 6 colors are optional.

1. High quality 304SS construction
2. Build deck supports single and dual coil building
3. Top cap with innovative knurling design for easy screw-out
4. Innovative hexagonal honeycomb airflow system
5. Convenient top filling system with big slot
6. 6 colors: SS, Black, Rainbow, Gold, Gunmetal, Blue


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