VOOPOO X217 Mod with Gene Chip to Protect Vapers.

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VOOPOO X217 Mod with Gene Chip to Protect Vapers.

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Ecigarettes are more and more popular now throughout the whole world especially the America and the Europe. Also, with the fast development of ecigarettes, technology concerning vapes manufacturing has innovated greatly. And the most innovative one is Gene Chip used in vape mods.
Gene Chip to vape in a more stable, safer and faster way.
Do you vapers all use vape mods equipped with Gene Chip inside? VOOPOO has applied Gene. Chip in all their vape products to protect vape mods in a better way.

The upcoming VOOPOO vape mod, X217 mod, is also equipped with Gene Chip. Thus X217 Mod provides vapers with excellent vaping experience and more personal options.
X217 Mod has all the following functions:

1. Multiple modes for different tastes could be achieved. Vapers can freely adjust the cooling value and temperature to customize the taste. You may also upgrade the firmware and customize multiple modes once connected to the software. There are altogether five modes for you: Power, Super, TI, SS and NI modes.
2. 32-digit GENE. Chip to ensure instant firing, stable and safe vaping.
3. Blocking dust, liquid and fire.
4. 1% Accurate: Precisely control the output wattage and temperature;
5. Supporting USB Charging: customize settings
6. The world’s fastest firing speed of 10 milliseconds.

The application of Gene. Chip in VOOPOO Drag brought VOOPOO a new stage and earned adoptions from vape lovers.

So this time, let’s see what X217 Mod will bring to the vaping industry!

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